Restaurants & Fast Food

There is no doubt that every sector of the restaurant industry is competitive. At Hart Construction, we understand that brand identity is essential for success. We have extensive experience in working with the industry — from fast food chains to high-end restaurants, so we understand the importance of detail and its effect on branding and restaurant business success.

Branding & IDENTITY

Similar to construction, the food industry relies on the use of scheduling and equipment in order to be successful. With this in mind, we know the importance of branding. We understand that some companies may have a strict set of guidelines to follow in terms of store appearance and kitchen setup, while others may look to us for guidance in these areas.

After 25-plus years of building restaurants, we can either follow given brand guidelines, or help customers determine what is necessary in their restaurant’s structure in order to be successful. We are committed to getting the job done right.

Commitment to Quality

When submitting bids, many contractors only look at submitting the lowest possible figure, often relying on a constantly-changing stream of contractors. This often translates into miscommunication, marginal quality, and costly change orders to correct oversights and errors. In the end, inaccurate bids often cost clients money.

Hart Construction understands that time is money — and change orders can delay project completion. We concentrate on delivering value for money. Hart Construction minimizes the occurrence of changes and delays by working with an established, consistent team of trusted subcontractors on every job. As a result, our projects are completed to the highest standards of quality, on time and within your established budget.

Let’s Work Together

We’re ready to work with you! To learn more about Hart Construction and how we collaborate with our clients in the restaurant industry, give us a call.

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