Tenant Improvement

Owners know that providing top-quality facilities is the key to securing long-term tenants and anchor stores. That means making an investment in customizing tenant spaces. It also means choosing the right experts to ensure that the job is done right.

Hart Construction has 28 years of experience in tenant improvement. With every project, we transform generic spaces into facilities customized to meet the needs of each tenant.

Customizing Generic Spaces

At Hart Construction, we do more than renovate and improve — we create. To exceed our clients’ expectations, we make the most out of the given space. This means anything from integrating new structures into the space, to radically altering the inside appearance of the building. Hart Construction promises to listen to their clients and give them every option possible in renovating their structure. 


A FOUNDATION of Reliable Subcontractors

Long-term relationships with subcontractors allow us to streamline the construction process. Our subs are familiar with our scope of work, so they can provide high-quality work on time and within budget. 


Facility owners and managers know their spaces and their tenants better than anyone else. They also understand their tenant improvement allowance budgets better than anyone else. This means that it is our job to provide owners with accurate construction costs so they can be confident in their decisions. 

At Hart Construction, we promise to work with managers and owners beyond fulfilling their tenants’ needs. By understanding our clients’ needs, and combining those with our own expertise of design and construction, we help owners and managers gain confidence. We pride ourselves on giving owners accurate prices to renovate spaces for different tenants or the combination of multiple tenants to foster freedom and trust in developmental choices. 

Let’s Team Up

At Hart Construction, much of our business comes from repeat clients. They’ve come to rely on us to carry out their visions. We’re eager to do the same for you. Give us a call.

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